One day, after years trying to find a way to turn discarded cicada shells into an archaic form of metal jelly, alchemist Bruni, exhausted from 30 hours without sleep, dumped a pan of her concoction to water a houseplant (instead of her customary loganberry tea vitamin plant wash). Little leaf edges flickered, and then turned into white gold. Bruni made another batch so she could try it on a catalpa tree. She snuck out to the tree range along Sanity Creek. She buried the whole preparation at the foot of the largest stately catalpa. She waited. She watched. Eleven months later, in early morning, a white gold leaf fell on her nose. The molecular components of the catalpa had forever changed—and the gold leafed tree was named in Bruni’s honor. So now, each autumn, the monkeys wait for the leaves to fall, and then harvest the gold, which is used to decorate the halls of the Sanity Creek Arts Academy.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkey
Number 20

The Fancy World Collection
Number 5


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