Zata is the spice queen of Sanity Creek. At her home and atelier, monkeys know they will find myriad spices and herbs, arranged in seductive bundles, aligned with the phases of the moon. New moon calls for judicious, consistent use of garlic shakes and orange oil, while the full moon requires capsicum in its hottest forms, and of course greens like nettleberries and sage. But Zata never dictates what the monkey should savor—she encourages each to season to their liking, and above all, to use creativity and verve while spicing. Her nimble taste buds help cultivate and categorize hundreds of flavor directionals. Food at Sanity Creek would be bland as porridge without her labor. And she is a friend of the Peaceniks, as there are fewer malcontents and increased euphoria when the monkeys use plenty of spices.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkey
Number 21

The Fancy World Collection
Number 6


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