The Velvet Historian

The Velvet Historian prefers to remain anonymous, signing his many literary works, simply, “V.H.” He has spent his life examining myriad swatches of the fabric in all its forms and fibers. He considers each type distinctly, and while some will berate the newcomer rayon, he finds this upstart cousin meritorious in several ways which he is happy to demonstrate. Mostly, his defense of rayon has to do with its seductive hand. The Velvet Historian’s seminal work, “All you need is luxe,” is still unparalleled, and is widely translated and read in the world’s arts academies. When he’s at home at Sanity Creek, his tapestry-drenched halls are a favorite location for weddings and story times.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkey
Number 18

The Fancy World Collection
Number 3

The Scholars Collection
Number 2

(Private Collection)


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