Steen had a great aunt (he could never remember if it was three or four greats) who lived in the metropolis before the Big Wars. This aunt would perambulate the byways, collecting bits of discarded machinery, usually gears and bearings, occasionally finding a piece of metal that defied explanation. Through an oddly shaped family tree, her collection of detritus was handed down to Steen. He polished the collection every week, and when he reached adulthood, he decided to weld it all together to make a bicycle. But an ordinary bicycle would not do. He added five extra pulleys, and invented a bicycle that simultaneously makes espresso while he pedals! His mission is to ensure that all monkeys survive the 3pm slump. His days go like this: 5:30am, arise, start singing, and pedal down to the creek to fill the water reservoir on his contraption. He has concocted a series of levers and gears that grind the coffee beans to the perfect powdery consistency for espresso, steam the water, and fill the demitasse while he’s pedaling. He delivers this brew at half hour intervals, having mapped out each stop for the most effective use of his pedaling, and based on monkey work and play schedules, so that everyone is happy.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkey
Number 23

The Fancy World Collection
Number 8


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