Van Owen

As Sanity Creek Recorder, Van Owen has the responsibility of guarding legal documents (such as the recipes for ladencake and watercress fries) but most of his daily work is spent administering the holiday calendar. Sanity Creek has more holidays than you can fit in a year, so Van Owen is quite busy, arranging them. Botanical days are named for the plants that dot the landscape by the creek, Catalpa day being one of the more memorable because of Bruni’s gold leaves. And days are named for some of the more accomplished and celebrated monkeys, such as Stripey Joe and the Velvet Historian. As Recorder, Van Owen has pledged not to add holidays without consensus, but he can lobby for proposed celebrations. He was crucial, for instance, in getting an entire week dedicated to Princess Feist. And he legalized Natasha’s Eight Day party as a recurring event. Van Owen makes sure that each holiday falls on the same day each year, because as you know, holidays have a tendency to scatter and disappear if you don’t keep watching them. And for each official holiday, Van Owen orders the cake from Citron-Cecile’s patisserie.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkey
Number 24

The Fancy World Collection
Number 9


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