Petunia Grinberg

Petunia Grinberg was born for the piano bar. A distant cousin to Stripey Joe, Petunia Grinberg watched as he rose to fame, lingering over glasses of Cesare’s Dolcetto wine, lost in the music of the tiny piano. Obsessed with math and matchmaking, she has calculated the likelihood of various events and romances, and her predictions have been 93.9% accurate, most of the time. She would have been great at anything she decided to do, but for now, she is thrilled to sit back and observe the life that her calculations have created. And yet…the flag pin she wears is tangible recognition of something she never could have predicted would happen, and evidence that Petunia Grinberg, in November 2008, became more optimistic about the world.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkey
Number 26



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