Wee Paperbite doesn’t just enjoy books, or devour them, she eats them! Fromspine to flaps, no fiber is safe. Although the Velvet Historian has banned her from his library, the green pearls spangling her limbs give her away–she has fasioned a secret doorway into Song‘s workshop, where he keeps an impressive collection of jewelry trade magazines, and snacks as she pleases.

However, she has recently discovered that these tasty pages contain WORDS, so she has modified her diet to focus on watercress and Citron-Cecile‘s pastry.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkeys
Unnumbered Private Collection


Jonah exudes calm like the slow trickly spring melt of Sanity Creek. If his cousin Ignatius is frenetic energy and high humor, Jonah is peace and ancient wisdom. Ignatius used to call him “Shanti” because of his attitude. He brings this serenity with him everywhere, and it affects everyone around him. Mama monkeys send their anxious littles to sit by him at the banks of the creek. His mellowing influence has effortlessly resolved many conflicts at school and beyond. He has simple tastes and needs. We could all learn a lot from Jonah.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkey
Number 30


Iliana is always thinking. Sometimes she is dreaming of new methods, new ways to see the world: not straight on, not upside down or backwards, but into and through a set of reflections. Like nesting dolls. Sometimes she is the doll, and sometimes she is the nest. She has trouble explaining her peculiar lens to other monkeys, but she knows that her work is important, and that she is headed toward a deeper manner of illumination. Something new, in a world where too many people believe there is nothing new in the universe. Her plan is to prove them wrong.

Sanity Creek Sock Monkey
Number 27
The Inside Out Collection
Number 1