Mavis enjoys making trouble.  She speaks loudly in the library, despite being shushed.  And then there was the controversy over her footwear, which she denies was deliberate, but behold the facts:  While most of the monkeys of Sanity Creek enjoy their free, barefoot ramblings, Mavis showed up at the pebble painting party wearing combat boots.  Who knows where she found them.  She never said.  No laces, just the boots, flaring out at the top like odd tulips, repeatedly sliding off her feet, so she had to pull them up with each step.  It was weeks before anyone talked about much else.  But despite her prickly exterior, it is widely assumed that Mavis is the one who knits all the silky newborn monkey blankets, leaving them on doorsteps to be discovered with the morning dew.


Inside Out Collection, Number 5.


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