img_0824Bernadette loves taking care of the garden, watching and playing in the rain to see her plants grow. When she wanted to learn piano, she taught herself. The sound of her music is like gentle rain. Since she began playing for her hydrangeas, their color is infinitely more vibrant than without the music. Her favorite color is orange! But purple matters, too: if it’s springtime and you can’t find her, she’s probably playing hide and seek with the hollyhocks or harvesting violets to make her favorite cake. Wait until you taste it!

(Bernadette will grace the silent auction at the Antioch School Gala!  To read more about the event, check out Rebecca’s blog post.)



Bernadette, on her way to the Antioch School Auction Gala!


Una (The One Who Knows)

When Una was born, the tender green fiddleheads uncurled their scrolls to greet her. Though still young, she has searched across seasons for a simple way to feed more monkeys. Her sources of nourishment continue to expand. This is her gift to the world. Like the bones of hope that emerge each spring, Una knows the living-dying-living cycle is unceasing, and wondrous.  (Una will be up for auction at the Antioch School Gala.  For more information about this event, and this wonderful school, click here.)